To make use of this insurance, please pay for the flight change yourself and make your claim afterwards with the insurer (Europ Assistance). Please always read the insurance policy and corresponding conditions. In addition, check the maximum amount to be claimed. The insurance policy is sent by the insurer directly after booking (via e-mail). 

Please note: with this insurance you may only change your travel dates once. The route and passengers must always remain the same.

How do I change my booking?

First check whether the airline allows a change on your booking. You will find this information in your ticket e-mail and on MijnTix. Depending on the situation, choose the following:

  • My booking is changeable
    Please request the change through MijnTix and pay the change fees via the paylink email sent. As soon as you have received the newly changed tickets, you claim (part of) the change fees directly with the insurer. Any changes must always be done via us, as per policy conditions.

  • My booking is non-changeable
    More often, bookings cannot be changed. If so, please contact us to have your original booking cancelled. You will receive proof of cancellation by e-mail. Then make a new booking on our website, pay and claim (part of) the newly paid ticket price directly with the insurer.
    • Change the dates of both outgoing and return flight

      Please contact us to cancel your original flights. You will receive proof of cancellation. Next, you will need to make a new booking on our website.

    • Only change the return flight (inbound)

      Only changing the dates of your return flight? You can proceed booking your new return flight on our website. Is the insurer requesting proof of no-show on your original return flight? You can only request this with us after the departure date of the original return flight.

    • Only change the outgoing flight (outbound)

      Only changing the dates of your outgoing flight? Please always contact us. We will discuss the best solution. Generally, airlines will cancel your return flight, if you did not board your original outgoing flight. 

Make your claim with the insurer

After you have paid for the changed/new booking, you can start your claim with the insurer. You'll need the next documents:

  • Policy number: this is the same number as your TripID (at the top right of our e-mails).
  • Your original booking confirmation/invoice

  • When a changeable ticket: 
    • The payment link sent by us with the change costs and the flights to be changed.
    • The ticket email with your changed flights.

  • When a non-changeable ticket:
    • The booking confirmation of your newly booked flights, which show the new price paid. 
    • Sometimes, the insurer might request proof of no-show on your original flights.

Start your claim here


  • As per conditions of the insurer, any changes or new bookings must always be made via us. If not, your claim will not be honored. 
  • For all other conditions and claims, we kindly refer you to the insurer EuropAssistance. Please also contact the insurer if claims have been rejected. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to assist in insurance claims.